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Professional Web Design and Development

I design and develop websites that inspire, inform and engage your audience. I do the research to learn your business and your competition and deliver solutions that ensure the success of your company. From updating existing graphics to starting from scratch, I work closely with you to design a website that fits your specific needs. My websites are developed using the most popular and current technologies.

When I sit down to design a new website, the first thing I establish is who the target audience is, and how do I best make them stay and return for more. I believe the key to success in web design is simplicity. It is important to keep a website clean, clear and oriented towards the goal.

Why is Clean Important?

People don't like mess, even online. If they have to search through a big clutter to find what they want, they'll go elsewhere. Besides, just imagine what visitors will think of your company if your website is disorganized. If your website or store doesn't look good, you don't look good. Skip the popups and flashing graphics... most visitors are annoyed by them. What you need is a clear, easy to use navigation system so your visitors can find what they need without working too hard.

What About Accessibility?

This is an important issue right now. A large amount of online surfers still use Internet Explorer, but many others are switching to browsers like Safari, Firefox and Opera. Every browser will make a website display slightly different, so it is very important that your site appears its best on every one. If you don't make this effort, you're effectively shutting out up to 20% of your traffic.

Web Design with Search Engines in Mind

I design each website from the perspective of the search engine. Some of the most important aspects of professional web design is understanding how search engines work and seeing what search engines "see." If you have a poor web design, search engines may ignore your site, making it worthless. By using website optimization techniques, your site has guaranteed potential to not only be picked up by the major search engines, but to rank well too.

E-Commerce Web Design

You have quality products that sell well... why not expand your customer base and put them online? There is no need to remain confined to your local shop when there are hundreds, thousands, millions of potential customers online. It is true that eCommerce sites can be a bit more costly to build, but you don't need to be the CEO of a major company to afford your own eCommerce website. Some of our customers operate their successful eCommerce websites from a tiny office, or even from their own home.

If you've decided it is time to take the plunge, we're more than happy to build you a state-of-the-art eCommerce site that fits your situation. We design each eCommerce site with a user-friendly administration panel so you or your employees can handle the day-to-day duties and make any edits you need easily. Our easy-to-use administration panel lets you perform the following tasks and more:
Add new products and modify/delete existing products
Change prices, graphics and descriptions for each product
Manage your customer's personal information
Track and manage all orders placed on your website
Generate and print out invoices, packing slips, etc.
Set your shipping costs, tax rates and delivery zones
View all your statistics and monitor your customer activity
Send newsletters by email.

Website Hosting Services & Domain Name Registration

Domain name is what's known best as URL or 'web address'. An example for domain name is www.webdesignersnyc.com. While mandatory for every website, domain name registration is a relatively inexpensive service and is usually paid for annually. We offer highly affordable domain name registration services. Just contact us to find out about our rates.

When picking a domain name think of something short that's easy to spell and memorize. It may seem like all the good domain names are already taken but if you think hard you could come up with an available domain name that contains a local term (i.e. 'minnesota', 'minneapolis', 'mn') or perhaps uses dashes between words (i.e. www.minnesota-fun.com). While it's recommended that you pick the .com version of the domain name, there are other acceptable alternatives such as .net .org .info .us .biz, etc.

Website Redesign Services

If your website looks bad, has broken links and missing pictures it may be the right time to use our Website Redesign Services. Many of today's most visited websites look old and outdated. The reason for that is that many of them were developed in the mid-late 90's where the concept of internet and websites had just been introduced.
Website Redesign? What For?

Fashion changes, and what used to be considered 'good-looking' few years ago is not necessarily perceived the same nowadays. There was a time when animated gifs and tacky music were the hottest things in web design, but today all of these are far from looking advanced. Internet technology has changed dramatically in the past decade leaving behind all those pioneer websites. You can distinguish between an outdated website and a modern website in first sight by looking at the range of colors and design layout, or the lack thereof.

For many online businesses who don't have a physical location, and even for those who do, appearance is the only way to be introduced to the public and to convey a message to potential customers. Naturally, a modern website is more likely to attract visitors and keep them coming back for more.

Website Maintenance Service

If you need to maintain your website but don't have the time or knowledge, you don't have to hire full time employees to do it. We can help you with all of your website maintenance needs.

Things we can help you with:

* Entering data and new product information
* Editing dates and event information
* Replacing or improving images and banners
* Opening new employee email accounts
* Adding custom applications
* Managing database
* Restructuring website content
* Adding or removing pages
* Transferring domain names and website hosting services

If you can't find it on this list there's still a good chance we can help.

Web Analytics

Web analytics simply put, is the the recording of all activity that happens on a web site. It is the power plant of your search engine marketing strategy.

Aperture Photography and Design monitors:

* All site traffic - What pages visitors clicked on, how long they spent on your site, where the user is geographically located.
* Referring URL - What site the user came from right before they got to your site.
* Track the keywords users type into the search engines that bring them to your site.
* How long they stay on your site, and more.







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When I made my presence on the web the best domain name to have aperture photography in it was www.aperture-photography.net.

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